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We offer flexible and integrated escrow services, providing efficient administration and risk mitigation for your transactions.

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As part of our commitment to become the premier escrow services company, Evergreen Escrow Inc. is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience. We're by your side through every step of the transaction, whether you are a first-time home buyer looking to close on your first property, a real estate lender looking to secure your investment with a lenders title policy, a commercial developer navigating a complex transaction or a real estate agent guiding your client through their home sale.

Our comprehensive services are backed by our teams of local experts who are ready to assist you with your needs.


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Residential Sale Escrows

Besides being the most common type of “Real Property” transfer, a Residential Sale Escrow, is usually much more than simply a financial transaction to the parties involved. For most of us, residential properties are not only our “homes” but often our single largest financial asset. Escrow has become a key factor in the successful closing of a Residential Sale and choosing the right escrow company is imperative. Choose Evergreen Escrow Inc.

Mobile Home Escrows

Mobile Home Escrows are a unique type of sale escrow, distinctly different from “real property” escrows such as Residential Sale Escrows. Mobile Home Escrows involve “personal property” exclusively and require conveyance with a Bill of Sale rather than a Grant Deed. Similarly, registration is accomplished not by recording in the County, but by filing with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (the “HCD”). There are other major differences as well and many Escrow Officers are not adequately trained to perform Mobile Home Escrows. At Evergreen Escrow Inc. we have Escrow Officers with the training and experience you need to serve all your mobile home needs.

1031 Exchanges

A section of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on any exchange of like-kind properties for business and/or investment purposes. When the transfer is performed properly, taxes on capital gains are deferred. Great care needs to be taken with regard to the transfer of money to avoid an immediate tax liability. There are many types of exchanges including, but not limited to simultaneous, delayed, and reverse. Once again, great care should be taken in choosing your service providers, both Escrow Holders and intermediaries. Choose Evergreen Escrow Inc. for your Escrow Holder.

Bulk Transfers

Another type of “personal property” escrow is a Bulk Transfer. Typically, a Bulk Transfer involves the sale of a business inventory, business assets and can also be of an individual or company. Escrow serves to protect the interests of not only the Buyer and Seller, but also the interest of unsecured creditors. Knowledge of the law in regard to Bulk Transfers is vital and we at Evergreen Escrow Inc. guarantee to have Escrow Officers with the knowledge and many years of experience to guide you.

Commercial Sales

Commercial Sales are typically “real property” sales, but larger in value and more complex than normal Residential Sales. These escrows can include strip malls, apartments, office buildings, hotels, motels, shopping centers, vacant land, farm lands and more. In addition to the Buyer, Seller and Realtors, quite often the Escrow Holder will be working with attorneys and lessees. You need to work with an Escrow Officer who has worked with this type of escrow before. At Evergreen Escrow Inc., our Escrow Officer has the commercial experience.

For Sale by Owner

Homeowners may elect to sell their homes without using a Realtor. Although we cannot give legal advice and must maintain our neutrality between the Buyer and Seller, Evergreen Escrow Inc. can guide you through the steps necessary to complete the sale. The best way to start is by the principals, usually the Seller, obtaining a standard real estate sales contract, which covers all the legal aspects of the sale. These contracts can be obtained on the internet and sometimes are even offered for sale by the local Board of Realtors. It is important to remember that Real Estate contracts should be detailed, in writing and that Escrow Instructions only cover a few of the many aspects of a typical sale. Let our Escrow Officers at Evergreen Escrow Inc. guide you through the Escrow process.

REO Sales

REO is short for “Real Estate Owned”, a term used by banks and lenders to describe property they own, usually acquired through the foreclosure process. When the bank or lender sells these properties, the sale is typically called an REO Sale. The special needs of the bank or lender as a Seller, are completely different than those of a typical private party Seller. Once again, the experience and expertise needed to close these escrows is available at Evergreen Escrow Inc..

Evergreen Escrow Inc.

Our approach is based on honesty and trust, and we never lose sight of our customers or our commitment to them.

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